Q : I’ve just filled my spa and it won’t heat/run. What do I do?

This is often a result of air being locked in the pipes from the filling process. Remove your filter/s, run the host down the filter intake and restart the spa. If the problem persists, you can try bleeding the pump. If this does not work, contact store@poolandspa2.co.nz

Q : My spa water is cloudy/smelly/giving me a rash etc. What should I do?

These problems occur when the water is unbalanced. Bring in a water sample (about 500ml) for us to test (FREE) and we can provide you with a treatment to resolve the issue.

Q : How often do I need to clean my filters?

Once per week is recommended. Use a garden hose to clean the pleats. Avoid using pressurised systems (water blasters etc) and physically scrubbing the filter

Q : How often should I test/treat my water?

This only needs to be done once per week. Bring in a water sample from your tab supply, and we can provide you with a complete water maintenance guide.

Q : How full should I keep my spa?

We aim to keep the water level in the spa between 10-5mm above the highest placed jet. Having water levels too low can cause the pump to pull air, which can cause damage. The water level in a spa can never be too high as it will just overflow.

Q : My spa is costing me more to run than expected. What can I do to reduce running costs?

This can be broken down into two parts, insulation and operation. Ensure that your spa has been insulated as much as possible (the only section that shouldn’t be packed with batts/foam is the motor cabinet). Also check that the spa does not have a sleep timer installed. Allowing the spa to cool and heat large amounts increases the power bill immensely. Turn air lines off after use and keep the cover on when not in use. Feel free to drop in or call us for further tips and tricks.

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