The Hot Spring Difference

At Pool&Spa2 there was never a question of which spa pool brand we’d become a dealer for. Established in an Auckland garage in 1980, and having since grown into market leaders in quality, style and innovation, Hot Spring was the obvious choice of spa pool partner.

Hot Spring has built a reputation around creating the most indulgent spa pool soaks in the world - experiences that we’re proud to offer to customers in Palmerston North and Wanganui. Whether you’re looking for a spa pool to deliver relaxation, fitness, health, wellness, quality time, romance or fun, there’ll be a Hot Spring model to suit.

The best massage

Hot Spring has always aimed to deliver the finest hydromassage on the market, and thanks to unmatched levels of expertise, it continues to succeed. The revolutionary Moto-Massage DX jet is but one example of Hot Spring’s technical excellence.


  • Relief of tension in muscles and joints
  • Temporary relief of aches and pains
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Total, full-body relaxation

Enjoy A Variety Of Jets

Moto-Massage® DX Jets
Full back

This moving jet is unlike anyother on the market. Two streams of water sweep up and down the entirety of your back, making for a powerful full-back massage that revolutionises spa pool hydrotherapy.

SoothingStream® Jet System
Upper Back Shoulders

Twelve rotating ports provide a pulsating massage over a broad area.

Rotary Hydromassage Jets
Shoulders Spine

These jets melt away tension with a swirling stream of water.

HydroStream® Jets
Lower back

These jets provide a powerful, steady stream for maximum relief.

Quartet® Jet System
Neck Upper shoulders

Four jets work in harmony to melt away tension from your neck.

Rotary Precision® Jets

Delicate areas, such as wrists, deserve a gentle massage.

JetStream® Jets
Lower back Feet

This is our most powerful jet. It helps release tension from your hardest working parts.

Directional Precision® Jets
Back Feet Calves

Direct the flow to provide relief just where you need it.

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Exclusive Moto-massage™ DX

The Moto-Massage DX jet has revolutionised hydrotherapy. This exceptional moving jet produces two strong streams of warm water that sweep up and down the length of your back. This one-of-a-kind back massage is only available from Hot Spring, and is available on selected models. Watch the video below and imagine how this could ease backaches, muscle tension and promote wellness in your body.

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The best water

No element is more critical to your soaking experience than water. As such, Hot Spring has made significant investments in water care technologies, to ensure your spa pool offers the cleanest, clearest and softest H2O possible, but without the endless maintenance that other spas demand.

Better Water, Less Hassle

Freshwater™ Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System is an affordable and easy-to-use water care system that keeps spa water clean and clear for a full year.*

Natural-feeling water with less chemicals and no harsh odours. Save money and conserve water by reducing water changes Save time maintaining your spa with automatic chlorine generation.

100% No-bypass Filtration

Tri-X™ Filters

Exclusive to Hot Spring, the Highlife® spa pool models filter 100% of the water, 100% of the time - even when the jets are on. And with the longer lasting, more efficient Tri-X filters, you can easily enjoy cleaner water with these dishwasher-safe filters.

* Many factors impact the life of spa pool water, such as bather load and water chemistry. When these factors are accounted for and the spa is properly maintained, the FreWater Salt System will keep water clean and clear for a full year.
Only avaliable with the 2019 Highlighted and Limelight Collection

The best efficiency

Good for the planet, good for your hip pocket. Hot Spring spa pools bring a suite of features that increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of spa pool ownership, from finely tuned machinery to high-end insulation and covers that keep your water warm and the cold at bay.

Totally Insulated

Our Limelight Collection and Hot Spot® spa pools feature FiberCor insulation, which fully insulates the spa cabinet to a density 4X greater than a typical 8 kg/m³ foam.

We Have Got You Covered

Our dense foam covers are designed to ensure a custom fit and tight seal that prevent heat from escaping. A special hinge seal locks in heat at the centre of the spa cover.


Our Highlife and Limelight Collection spa pools feature the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump, which continuously circulates spa water quietly, using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

Save Money, Save Energy

Hot Spring Spas leads the industry in design, engineering, and manufacturing of energy-efficient spa pools. With Hot Spring Spas' Energy Smart™ system, each spa is built with a combination of energy-efficient features that simultaneously provide you with lower operating costs and the best value over time. 

Ready for a test soak?

In truth, it’s hard to describe the soaking experience delivered by a Hot Spring spa pool using mere words. These are spas that have to be seen, felt and soaked in for their charms to be fully appreciated. The good news? At Pool&Spa2 we offer exactly that! Try before you buy and book a test soak today!

Year-Round Enjoyment

With the optional CoolZone™ System, you can easily heat or cool the water—that is not possible with most spas. Enjoy a cool dip during the day, a warm soak later that night or cold-water therapy any time. The CoolZone System works with your spa heater to efficiently raise or lower the temperature in just a few hours*.

Taking The Guesswork Out with AR

With Virtual View™ AR by Hot Spring you can view any spa model in 3D and see how it can transform your space - before you buy. Browse and compare models to suit your needs anywhere and anytime. Finding your perfect spa has never been easier!

The Absolute Best spa pool
Ownership Experience™

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* Depending on ambient temperature and other factors. Ask your Hot Spring dealer for details.