The Hot Spot® Collection

A personal spa pool might be seen as the ultimate backyard luxury, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be value-packed. Designed to fit in an almost endless list of features, while remaining surprisingly kind to the wallet, the Hot Spot family of spa pools is the mid-range collection of the Hot Spring range, combining quality, durability, looks and innovation in a more affordable package.

Maximum massage

A trained masseuse, always on hand, just steps from your back door. For Hot Spot owners this turns from fantasy to reality. Packed with some of the most innovative jet technology on the market, Hot Spot spa pools are designed to deliver day spa-level massage to whoever steps in.

The TX® and SX® models in particular offer the highest of high-end hydrotherapy, thanks to the presence of the Moto-Massage®, the world’s first moving spa jet. Moto-Massage® aside, a variety of jets are designed to deliver specific types of therapy, and are strategically placed to work on the parts of the body that need them most, from the shoulders right through to the feet.

Clean, clear, soft

Why spend endless hours fiddling with pool chemicals and litmus strips? The Hot Spot collection replaces the complex and laborious spa maintenance of old with modern and intelligent systems that take care of the work for you.

The cartridge-based FROG® system makes water care a job that takes seconds, the SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation system keeps the water moving to reduce noise, wear and tear, and the FreshWater® III system uses innovative ozone technology to make your water feathery soft.

Luxury looks, less the expense

Value-packed can often mean that costs were cut in the design department. Not so for the Hot Spot collection, which boasts stunning styling built around geometry, modernity, and European minimalism. While the interior is all crisp and clean contours, the cabinetry nods to spa pool tradition with its nature-inspired textures and tones.

Then there are the small and subtle additions: the metal highlights, the underwater LEDs that can be adjusted to set the mood, the water features that add both tranquility and aesthetic interest. On top of the looks and the endless features, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with buying one of the most established, trusted, and highest quality spa pools on the market, featuring multi-year warranties that guarantee the high-end workmanship.