Endless Pools® Collection

A spa pool and lap pool in one

Are you looking for a spa pool? Perhaps a swimming pool or lap pool? With an Endless Pools swim spa, you don’t have to choose.

Part hot tub, part lap pool, part hydrotherapy machine, Endless Pools swim spas are surprisingly compact units that are able to generate their own current for you to swim (or run, row or ride) against. What’s more, they feature hydromassage jets perfect for a pre-workout warm up, a post-workout cool down, or even for a Friday night with friends.

The name doesn’t lie - after setting the current to your preferred speed, your Endless Pools® swim spa becomes a tumble turn-free zone, where you can swim all day without hitting the end.

Equal parts fitness and fun

The innovative propulsion technology found within Endless Pools® swim spas sees these machines capable of moving up to 19,000L of water per minute. This current isn’t just powerful, it’s also deeper and wider than your stroke, and particularly low in turbulence. If you close your eyes, there’s almost no way to tell you’re in a swim spa - you could just as easily be in a lake or the open ocean!

For those looking to enhance their fitness, water can be propelled at up to an almost Olympic 1:14/100m. For those looking for gentle hydrotherapy, that current can be brought down to a perfectly relaxing 4:04/100m. And for those who aren’t looking for fitness at all, simply move to the spa pool section and sit in one of the jet-lined hydromassage seats!

The future of backyard swimming

There are a wealth of reasons why more and more customers are choosing an Endless Pools® swim spa over a traditional swimming pool or lap pool, including:

  • More compact and cost-effective: Taking into account the space, excavation, installation and maintenance needs of a traditional pool, you can expect an Endless Pools® swim spa to be far more affordable, while demanding far less space.
  • Easier to install: Often a traditional pool will require council planning permission, before taking months of excavation and installation work to install. By contrast, portable Endless Pools® swim spas can be set up almost instantly in a space measuring just a few square metres.
  • Added functionality: An Endless Pools® swim spa is far from a one trick pony. Swimming aside, it offers a wealth of other aquacise and hydrotherapy, including running, aqua biking, rowing, resistance training, and soothing spa pool hydromassage!
  • Safer and more secure: Simply cover your Endless Pools® swim spa to keep your family safe!