E Series


Can’t decide between buying a spa pool and a swim spa? ‘Why should you have to?’ asks the E2000. With one body of water devoted to offering the finest swim-in-place experience possible, and a second ready to host a party of five in comfortable hydromassage seating, this swim spa represents the culmination of Endless Pools’ knowledge, expertise and innovation, and can enhance your lifestyle in a way that other swim spas can’t.


7 Adults

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Big and beautiful

The E-Series collection is Endless Pools’ premier range of swim spas, but in all other models the spa pool and the swim-in-place experience are found in the same body of water. Not so in the E2000. The 609cm long machine is divided into a 457cm fitness section and a 152cm spa section, and in separating the two, this spa ensures that one doesn’t affect the other - the swimmer enjoys an uninterrupted, turbulence-free swim, while the soakers are kept away from splashing feet.

Not only is the E2000 big, it’s also beautiful. The contemporary design is a joy to behold, all smooth lines and natural textures. Elements like the adjustable underwater lighting system and illuminated waterfalls only enhance the aesthetics as day turns to night.

A personalised current

The experience of swimming in the E2000 is difficult to describe in words. Capable of moving 19,000L of water every minute at speeds of up to 1:14/100m, it is incredibly powerful. The current nonetheless remains smooth and free of turbulence, while being wider and deeper than any stroke you care to choose.

The consistency and customisation of the current makes it ideal for all manner of aquacise and hydrotherapy. Add your choice of underwater treadmill, aquabike, rowing equipment and resistance bands to enjoy workouts that hit any and every part of your body, and do so with a fraction of the impact felt with traditional exercise.

Sit back and socialise

Looking for a solo escape where stress and tension melt away? After a place where you can spend quality time with your partner or family? Perhaps you like playing host to friends, and want your backyard to be a weekend hub?

No matter which applies to you, the E2000 is ready to deliver. The five-seater spa pool will be the epicentre of any gathering, though the swim section can host guests too, featuring twin cool down benches either side of the propulsion system to go with a wealth of standing room.

Product Specs

147 cm Swim & Treadmill


610 x 147 x 226 cm | Swim Side: 457 x 147 x 226 cm | Spa Side: 152 x 93 x 226 cm

Water Capacity

8,896 litres | Swim Side: 7,571 litres | Spa Side: 1,325 litres


Weight 1,903 kg (Dry) / 11,587 kg (Filled*)
*Includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kgs each

Shell Colour Options

Alpine White or Ice Grey

Cabinet Colour Options

Dark Mocha or Grey Oak

Swim Technology

Endless Pools® Swim Machine

Swim Power

5 HP Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydromassage Seats

Swim Side: Bench Seat
Spa Side: 4 Hydrotherapy Seats + Cool

Hydromassage Jets

Swim Side: Not Applicable
Spa Side: 34: 2 Large Jets, 2 Rotary Jets, 4 Directional Jets, 26 Mini Jets

Hydromassage Jet Pump

Swim Side: Not Applicable
Spa Side: 2 - 2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque - 1 Speed Pumps

Control System

LCD Control Panel; 220 - 240v/1 x 24amp & 1 x 32amp, 50Hz

Water Feature

Swim Side: 2 Illuminated Waterfalls
Spa Side: 1 Illuminated Waterfall

Circulation Pump

Swim Side: High-Flow Circulation Pump
Spa Side: Circulation Pump

Effective Filtration Area

Swim Side: 19m2
Spa Side: 5m2

Lighting System

Swim Side: 14 Multi-Colour LED Points of Light
Spa Side: 12 Multi-Colour LED Points of Light


2 mm Galvanised Steel Frame

Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Base Pan


Swim Side: 3000w/230v
Spa Side: 3000w/230v

Energy Efficiency

Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

Swim Side: 3 Satin Stainless Steel Rails
Spa Side: Not Applicable

Music Option

8 Speakers + Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Side: Swim Tether and Rowing Kit
Spa Side: Not Applicable

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters or VacuSeal® Cover System

Additional Options

Endless Pools® Pace Display, Floor Mirror, Gecko® In.Touch Wi-Fi & Mobile App