The Freeflow Spas® Collection

Many assume that a backyard spa pool is the sort of luxury enjoyed exclusively by the rich and famous; that you need a wealth of money and space to join the club. But the Freeflow collection has been designed to turn dreams of spa ownership into reality, granting any and everyone access to an indulgent spa pool just steps from their backdoor. But while Freeflow might be Hot Spring’s entry-level range, it still offers the quality, innovation and high-end soaking experience that Hot Spring customers have come to expect.

Opulent yet affordable

The build quality, the comfy contours, the immersive warmth, the therapeutic jets; step into a Freeflow and there’s really no way to tell that you’re in one of Hot Spring’s base models; in fact, you could well feel like you’ve lowered yourself into a 5-star day spa. Featuring expertly crafted proprietary jets, strategically placed to soothe key areas of the body, the experience isn’t too far removed from that offered by the higher-end models in the Hot Spring range.

But the Freeflow doesn’t just help to reduce mental and physical strain, it reduces the strain felt by your wallet too. These are spa pools that combine affordability and quality like almost no other!

Setup is a cinch

Taking delivery of your spa pool, the excitement begins to build, as you envision yourself immersing in the warm and bubbling waters. But for many models, receiving your spa is the first of many often time-consuming steps, from professional installation to custom wiring and plumbing.

Not so for the Freeflow range. These models feature patented Plug-N-Play technology, allowing you to install your new spa yourself, and in super quick time. Simply place the spa wherever you want, fill it with water using a garden hose, plug it into a standard 230V outlet, and set the temperature. Once the water is warm, you’re ready to soak!

Tough unibody construction

How can such an affordable range of spa pools be so strong and durable? The secret lies in the technique used to construct Freeflow spa pools. Roto-moulding sees a single piece of super durable plastic formed into a spa, which creates a structure so strong that it doesn’t require the internal frame that almost all other spas need!

Between less labour, fewer materials and a faster process, roto-moulding delivers a wealth of production cost savings, which we can then pass on to you!