The Highlife® Collection

Immerse in the high life

Why compromise? If there’s ultimate indulgence to be had, you should have it. The Highlife collection is Hot Spring’s most premium and indulgent range of spa pools, packed with innovation, expertise and craftsmanship that has been developed over the course of 40+ years. Luxurious in every way, and featuring technologies that enhance both your soaking and ownership experiences, this visually stunning family of spas have been designed to be centrepieces of your outdoor space - places to melt away, meet friends and generally be merry. Get ready for your expectations to be exceeded.

A modern European aesthetic

By choosing a model from the Highlife collection you’ll find yourself soaking in what looks like modern art. These spas feature design that tips its hat to the classic spa pool look while giving it a contemporary edge. The cabinetry offers natural textures and tones, the shell is clean, crisp and modern, and no fewer than 24 colour combinations ensure that you’ll find the perfect Highlife for your space.

Then there are the smaller and more subtle touches: the fully adjustable underwater and exterior lighting systems, the illuminated waterfall water features, the light-up logo that allows you to confirm your spa is soak-ready at a glance. To fit in so many features, but to retain a minimalist beauty, makes the Highlife collection a sight to behold.

A beauty with brains

While they are undoubtedly gorgeous spa pools, the Highlife family aren’t models who rely solely on their looks - the innovation packed into this collection is every bit as eye-catching as the design. The headline act is the world’s first moving spa pool jet, the Moto-Massage® DX, which sweeps a powerful stream of water up and down your back to massage tension away.

Adjusting your soaking experience has also never been easier than it is in the Highlife, with the IQ2020® wireless touchscreen granting you intuitive control whether you’re in or out of the spa. The Highlife can even cool its water for a refreshing summer soak!

Worry-free maintenance

The maintenance that most spa pools need can be one of the major turn-offs for potential spa pool owners. Featuring a wealth of smart and automated technologies, that’s not an issue for Highlife owners. If you’re looking for a spa pool that almost takes care of itself, you’ve found it.

Between high-end water care systems, commercial freezer-level insulation and no-fault heating, the Highlife demands far less work, leaving far more time for play.