The Limelight® Collection

Soak up the Limelight

It goes without saying that a spa pool experience should be immersive, but the one offered by the Limelight is more immersive than most. Spa pools that are equal parts stunning and innovative, this collection features many of the technologies found in Hot Spring’s most premium spa pools, but puts them in more affordable packages.

A collection home to many of Hot Spring’s largest models, Limelight spa pools are also the preference of those who see a soak as an opportunity to socialise and spend quality time with family and friends. If that sounds like you, get ready to step into the Limelight.

Minimalism maximised

The outward simplicity of minimalist design tends to hide the fact that in truth, it’s a complicated art. When design elements are few, careful thought has to be put into every single one - every contour, every edge, every feature. 

In creating the Limelight collection, Hot Spring’s accomplished design team has expertly performed this dance. Every inch of these spa pools are designed and built with a purpose in mind, while a wealth of cabinet and shell options allow you to create a spa pool that feels all your own. These are spas that not only look great standing by themselves, but are built to enhance whatever space they’re placed in.

A feast for the senses

Your eyes won’t be alone in enjoying the pleasures of these spa pools. Bathing in a Limelight is a total sensory experience, from the pressure of the powerful streams, to the glow of the fully-adjustable underwater lighting and illuminated water features, to the tunes emanating from the optional sound system.

The result? The mood within the Limelight can be whatever you want it to be. A perfectly relaxing and tranquil escape, a chance for romance, a device-free place where your family comes together, or the epicentre of a Friday night pool party!

Jet-fuelled pleasure

Step into the Limelight, and tension will instantly start melting away. Hot Spring haven’t been frugal with the massage streams in this particular collection, with every model featuring dozens of perfectly powerful, carefully crafted and strategically placed jets around the shells.

Seating comes in any combination of cool down benches, bucket seats, captain’s chairs and full-length recliners, granting a Limelight owner a suite of different hydromassage experiences. Add in the control offered by the intuitive LCD panel found on the side of each unit, and you can create the perfect hydromassage experience for your body and needs!